Mr HC, (Company Owner/Director)

“Accalon helped to develop & implement a family investment & tax mitigation strategy & provide control over our family investments…”

T H, (Retired Company Chairman)

“I have always been impressed, whether dealing with the affairs of a corporate multi-million pound turnover company or those of a personal nature, with their ability to make what is a highly complex subject matter, simple to understand, whilst still providing a high quality ongoing professional bespoke service. From experience and at times at not insignificant personal cost, I have found that larger organisations cannot provide such a personal touch, have the in depth knowledge of associated matters or indeed perform the service for a similar level of professional advice; I recommend Accalon Associates to you, it will be a wise decision.”

Mr UK, Leighton Buzzard

“ This is not a luxury item, it’s a necessity….”

Ms JC, (Music Entrepreneur)

“Accalon has provided me with my total financial well being. I always knew that they provided a good service but they went beyond their role by passing on valuable advice that has helped me to start my new business venture, thank you.”

Mr & Mrs V, (Former Business Owners)

“Their impartial, confidential and informed advice has given us security for both now and the future….”


“They give me financial advice in a straight forward understandable language. Their own business experiences allow them to understand my situation from both a business and personal capacity. They appreciate cash-flow and positively advise against arrangements which may cause problems.”

Mr GS & Mrs RS, Houghton Regis

“Enables clear understanding of how our life will continue and pleased that the gaps in our long term plans were highlighted.”

Mr KG, Letchworth Garden City

“I would be worse off by a lot if you hadn’t helped me…”

Mrs JC, Watford

“When is a Financial Advisor not a Financial Advisor? When he finds out what’s really important to you, when he talks about money in your ‘bucket’, and the possibility of living well today AND tomorrow; when he demystifies pension options and savings plans in less than two minutes, when he asks the right questions and interprets the answers logically but with a human touch and makes you feel good about your pounds, shillings and pence regardless of how many you have. If you want a simple, no-nonsense, practical, inspiring conversation about how your hard work can create the security you deserve then I assure you that Will’s your man. As an Accalon client I feel safe, looked after, educated and confident about my financial future. And Will’s really rather lovely too so I enjoy our time together. Highly recommended.”

Mr JS, Leighton Buzzard

“When I retired in the year 2000 I was one of the fortunate people who were able to take advantage of the Company Contribution Pension scheme.The question I asked myself was, how to make the best advantage of my position I was limited in knowledge of this situation and decided to seek the assistance of an Independent Financial Adviser. I was aware that Banks and Building Societies would offer a service but would be heavily biased to their activities. I then ended up at the door of Accalon Associates in the person of Mike Miles.

During the ensuing years I have found that the advice that I have been given has been of the highest quality and the regular meeting have been invaluable. Recently I experienced a problem with my Pension Provider. I advised Accalon (Mike Miles) who agreed with my grievance and on my behalf proceeded to attempt to rectify matters.

The knowledge that is available within Accalon enabled Mike Miles and his Staff to solve my problem and come to a satisfactory conclusion. My experience is that Accalon will fight the case for their clients if they agree that an injustice has been made.”

Mr AB, Westoning, Bedfordshire (Company Director)

When you meet some people and you say they changed my life sometimes it is not always for the good. I can honestly say ‘I would not be where I am today’ without the input and guidance from Mike & Accalon .
The forward planning of not only business oportunities but the vision of personal goals.
All the guidance was put in place over twelve years ago and regular updates have given me the confidence and drive to want to be a winner.