Lifestyle Financial Planning Process

It’s all about you……

We do the opposite to  most Financial Advisers.

It is fair to say that the majority of Financial Advisers have far too many clients, who they cannot service properly and hardly ever see. Over time this has given ‘financial advisers’ a bad name. At Accalon we have a clear picture of what Financial Planning should be about….You and your lifestyle.

Accalon’s carefully developed process helps you to build a Lifestyle Financial Plan  that tells you the truth about money. We focus on achieving a client’s goals through our four stage process.

The Lifestyle Financial Planning Process

  1. Disclosure
    What right do we have to give any advice until we know exactly what you want and what plans you have already made?
    In the Disclosure Stage, we need to:
    – Understand your goals and desires.
    – Understand your current financial position.
    – Take account of your current and future lifestyle.
  2. Discovery
    This is where we tell our clients the truth about money, the reality and results of our research.
    In the Discovery Stage we:
    – Show a client what is in their ‘financial bucket’.
    – Model potential outcomes with the client.
    – Prepare the Financial Lifestyle Plan.
  3. Creation
    This is where the elements needed to fulfil the Financial Lifestyle Plan are triggered.
    In the Creation Stage we:
    – Start the delivery of the Financial Lifestyle Plan.
    – Initiate the Accalon Investment Process.
    – Introduce specialist third-parties where necessary to deliver elements of the plan.
  4. Review
    Life happens and things change. Here, we meet the client regularly to review progress.
    The Review Stage:
    – Explore any changes to goals and circumstances and update the plan where required.
    – Update the Accalon Investment Process and monitor performance.
    – Implement any changes required.