Delivering Growth and Opportunity.

In previous Soapbox rants I have provided a number of

Mike's Soap Box

suggestions to deliver growth from reduced taxation and NIC contributions for
the disenchanted youngsters , to business
incentives to employ and invest. These have been forwarded to the senior
management team of UK plc, namely MP’s. Do they pay attention? Do they respond
in a positive meaningful way? Well, sadly no and the jury is out here at
Accalon but we keep plugging away.

In fact we have very recently decided to dedicate 5% of our
time every alternate Friday morning to providing free 1 to 1 surgeries to those
who would perhaps genuinely value lifestyle and business financial planning guidance
and ideas to help but for whatever reason cannot yet afford to pay for it but
need it.

Start up and business advice to people. If employment is
tough, have they thought of working for themselves? Do they have an idea or
skill set that someone other than a stereotypical “employer” would pay for?
Have they thought of this as an alternate way to earn a living? A wise
man/woman learns from others mistakes and experience and we have plenty of both
in abundance to share – can’t recall who said that but it’s true.

Allegedly the SME business sector provides some 80% of UK
and US GDP. I think we should rename this extremely important sector and add
Micro. In other words MSME – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

If all businesses dedicated and invested just 5% of their
time/profits into genuinely helping people improve their position in life just
imagine the positive impact on the economy and future. We should make it

If you are someone or know anyone who genuinely feels that
we could help, call us and make an appointment. It’s our way of trying to put
something tangible back into society.

Let’s hope the Eurozone clowns can at least come to an
acceptable even interim arrangement with Greece and move forward. There seems
to be more positive chinks of light here, in Euroland and the US of A than at
any time in the last 3 years. May it create tangible and deliverable progress
both economically and socially.

The nights are drawing out and spring is on its
way – enjoy!


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