As a typical client, You are …..Living life to the full....

Often busy doing and enjoying what it is that you do best thus leaving your own financial planning issues on the back burner.

Serious about your financial future and security, usually successful but short on time.

Approaching, at or in “retirement” seeking to protect your wealth, maintain your lifestyle, maximise growth and income within sensible and realistic parameters. Oh and not to forget, minimising tax.

A professional, senior manager, director or business owner who is looking to achieve financial independence.

A business owner who possibly hasn’t yet thought seriously about your exit strategy and wants to reduce tax.

Sometimes disenchanted with or even suspicious of your bank or traditional IFA or perhaps accept that you haven’t taken a second opinion for some time.

Someone who recognises the importance of engaging a trusted expert who delivers measurable and meaningful results. Someone who has high expectations and wont accept mediocrity.